Amazon Work From Home Jobs Startup Guide

Why Join Amazon

Amazon’s commitment to customer obsession, innovation, operational excellence, and long-term thinking extends to its remote workforce. By joining Amazon, you become part of a company that values diversity, fosters innovation, and works relentlessly to create a better future.

Amazon work from home job opportunities offer several advantages. For beginners, it allows Amazon to tap into a broader, more diverse talent pool. It encourages a healthy work-life balance, essential for employee well-being. Moreover, it promotes innovative thinking by bringing together individuals with varying perspectives and experiences. Below we will examine a few reasons to join Amazon;

  • Global Networking: Working remotely for a global company like Amazon allows you to expand your professional network on a global scale. You’ll connect with colleagues, clients, and partners from around the world, creating opportunities for personal and career growth.
  • Incomparable Possibilities: Amazon’s commitment to remote work extends across a multitude of job categories and skill sets. From software development to customer service, marketing to human resources, there’s a remote role for everyone. This shift isn’t just about opening up opportunities; it’s about fostering diversity, inclusivity, and talent from around the world.
  • Improved Work-Life Balance: Remote work offers a better work-life balance. You can better allocate your time for family, personal pursuits, and self-care. This balance contributes to improved mental health and overall well-being.
  • Personalized Workspace: Remote employees have the freedom to create a workspace tailored to their needs. Whether you prefer a quiet home office or the ambiance of a local café, you can design your workspace to boost productivity and comfort.
  • Skill Development: Remote work often requires strong communication, time management, and self-discipline skills. By working remotely, you’ll naturally develop these valuable skills that are transferable to various aspects of your life.
  • Technological Advantages: Amazon is dedicated to supporting its remote workforce. Remote employees receive access to cutting-edge technology, a seamless virtual onboarding process, ongoing professional development opportunities, and a collaborative digital workspace that transcends geographical boundaries.

Amazon Remote Work 9 Step Process

If you’re excited about the prospect of joining Amazon’s dynamic remote team, the process is straightforward. Visit Amazon’s careers website, where you can explore a vast array of remote job openings. The platform is user-friendly, allowing you to search for positions that align with your skills and aspirations. Here is a 9 step process for - Amazon Remote Work Opportunities;

  1. Explore Job Opportunities: Visit Amazon Jobs’ dedicated “Remote Career Opportunities” section to discover a variety of remote positions, from customer service to software development.
  2. Create an Account: Sign up for an Amazon Jobs account, providing accurate information and an updated resume tailored to your desired roles.
  3. Job Search: Use filters to narrow down your job search, specifying job category, location, and preferences.
  4. Apply Online: Click “Apply Now” for your chosen job, completing the application by submitting your resume, answering job-related questions, and verifying personal details.
  5. Assessments: Depending on the role, you may need to complete assessments or online tests designed to evaluate your skills.
  6. Interviews: If you meet Amazon’s requirements, you’ll be invited for an interview conducted via phone, video, or in-person.
  7. Background Check: After a successful interview, Amazon will perform a background check.
  8. Onboarding: Once cleared, you’ll receive an offer letter and details about your onboarding process, including training.
  9. Start Your Remote Career: Congratulations, you’re ready to commence your remote career with Amazon. Familiarize yourself with company policies for remote employees for a seamless transition.

Top 7 Amazon Work From Jobs

Amazon’s vast network offers a multitude of remote job opportunities, catering to those looking to earn money online as well as those working from physical facilities. As of December 2021, this retail titan employed a staggering 1.6 million individuals, securing its position as the second-largest employer in the nation, trailing only behind Walmart. Below are the top 7 Amazon Jobs From Home opportunities;

1. Amazon-Flex

If you enjoy driving, Amazon Flex could be a way for you to make an additional income. Flex jobs pay $18-$25 per hour. The work you perform involves delivering products. To be eligible to deliver items, workers must be at the warehouse. This is how it works. First, the customer orders merchandise from the vendor. After the vendor receives the order, the vendor appoints one of their drivers (you) to deliver the product. The driver (you) pick up the merchandise from Amazon’s warehouse, then deliver the merchandise to the customer. After the customer receives their order, they sign off and pay for the merchandise. After they sign off, they transfer funds to your account, you may also receive a tip.

2. Customer Service Associate

Sometimes workers are seeking to only work from home. Typically, these individuals are usually single parents, stay-at-home moms, or dads. There are a few reasons these individuals need home-based opportunities. They may need to stay at home to watch their children. Or maybe they are taking care of their mom or dad. Under those circumstances, applying to become an Amazon Work From Home Customer Service Associate may fit their needs. This is a seasonal opportunity that pays $10 per hour.

Qualifications for joining: You will need basic qualifications to be considered for some of these opportunities. Qualifications like becoming a customer service associate. Also known as a virtual call center agent. To be considered, you must have a high school diploma. If you have a college degree, it will not hurt to list it on your application. In addition, applicants must have computer skills and understand Microsoft Office. Additional qualifications include;

  • Applicants must also be familiar with research, email chatting, and online shopping.
  • A year of customer service experience is what it takes to get your foot in the door.
  • Be willing to work part-time, working a minimum of 20 hours a week.
  • You must work during the holiday season.
  • In addition, you must live in one of the following states – Az, Co, Del, Fl, Ga, In, Ks, Ky, Mi, Mn, Nc, Nd, Ne, Nj, Oh, Ok, Sd, Tn, Tx, Ut, Va, Wv, Wi, Wy.

3. Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment-by-Amazon  or FBA allows members to send products to their warehouse for distribution. After they receive the product, they take care of the rest, packaging, customer service, and storage. Members have earned millions making use of this one. This is an effective way to expand your business.

4. Influencer Program

For people that have a social media presence, the influencer program could benefit you right away. But if you don’t have a social media following, you will not qualify. Your social media account must meet certain requirements to join. You’ll need a certain amount of followers for eligibility. Promoting products through your channel is profitable, as mentioned. Therefore, grow your fan base, then reconsider joining the influencer program when you’re ready.

5. Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk , aka (Mturk) allows members to do micro tasks for cash. This is not a get rich overnight scheme, but simply one of many Amazon jobs from home networks. The tasks members perform include surveys, freelance writing, transcription, and much more.

6. Sell Amazon e-Books

So, for instance, if you love to write, you can sell Amazon eBooks. Through this opportunity, you earn 70% of your royalties. You can publish paperback or digital content. It usually takes one or two days for your book to be visible on search engines. After that, sit back, relax and watch the money roll in.

7. Amazon Trade-in-Platform

Amazon’s trade-in platform enables individuals to trade in unwanted electronics, like books and video games. Basically, any devices developed by Amazon’s company. Providing helpful reviews will allow you to earn with Amazon’s Vine platform. The only way to join is by invitation. Giving helpful reviews and positive feedback will put you in a position to become a member.

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